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Winners (Challenge 132) + New layout and tags

Hey everyone! I'm sorry once again for the enormous delay that has become much too fashionable in this community. I'll make sure to change that from now on. Speaking of changes, though, I have changed the layout of our community to something much prettier and comfier, IMO. You guys like? Also, I established tags for the last 30(-ish) challenges and hope you guys find them useful.

Enough about the community in general. I've tallied the votes for the last challenge and you can see the winners under the cut. Sorry for the lateness, once again. The new challenge will be posted on Sunday so that we don't change the schedule from before :)

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The banner maker for this challenge is lauralovesnaley.

ETA: And banner-makers? We have quite a lot challenges without banners. Please make sure you go back and make the later ones, at least. If you don't have the time, let me know and I'll help. Also, let me know if you don't want to be a banner-maker anymore and I'll remove you from the list.
tv | masters of sex

Fifth reminder (Challenge 131)

Okay guys, you probably didn't enjoy the current theme much, as we still don't have any new entries apart from the 6 ones already submitted. You have until tomorrow to change your mind and submit yours in this post. If there are still not enough entries, I'm just going to cancel this challenge (unfortunately) and most likely make honorable banners for the two amazing participants. They deserve the acknowledgement anyway :)