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Bethany Joy Galeotti Stillness

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About Rules Submitting Timeline
This is an icon challenge community dedicated to Bethany Joy Galeotti, most commonly known for her role as Haley James-Scott in One Tree Hill. Every two weeks a new challenge will be presented and the only thing you need is your willingness to create your own Joy icons.
→ You can submit up to 4 icons in a challenge;
→ The icons must fit the LJ format (100x100, 40KB, .png/.gif/.jpg);
→ You must use the pictures provided, except when otherwise stated in the challenge rules;
→ Animated icons aren't allowed;
→ Do not vote for yourself or encourage others to do so;
→ Do not post the icons until after the winners are announced.
→ Sumbit your icons in a comment to the challenge entry. Comments will be screened.
→ Your submission should look like this:

→ Sunday: Challenge #N is posted;
→ Saturday (in 2 weeks time): Voting will be posted;
→ Sunday: Challenge #N+1 is posted;
→ Tuesday: Winners from challenge #N will be announced.